About Us

about sxsm - About UsMy name is Libby Hunt and I am the image behind Southern Cross Sports Marketing.

Let’s say that to get what you want you have to aim high, and that’s what my family taught me to do at home. I was born in Southern Australia to a middle-class family where sport was always present.

I used to play soccer with my brothers and my dad was a coach of the school team. Passion for sports was taughtto me since I was little.

Time passed by and I became a math teacher, at a math institute in town. At the same time, I worked for a sports marketing company, thanks to a friend who got me the job.

The only thing I wanted was to become financially independent and start my job and I did it. With the contacts I had made in my old job, I launched my sports marketing business and my life finally started to change.

Southern Cross Sports Marketing arises from the constant fight to be a better person, independent and tenacious. Our team strives every day to offer the best service to our clients, by helping others to obtain a good product and helping us to make our way in the financial market.