7 Most Famous Sports Marketing Companies to Know About

Each marketing company is unique in its style and choosing one will not be easy so knowingthe strengths and weaknesses of each one is essential. We will introduce you to the agencies that represent the most famous players in the sports field, by listing the best sports marketing companies that you should know about.

Athletes First

Athletes First is considered one of the most passionate and results-oriented agencies. In addition to having NFL players, they also attend other sports such as basketball, baseball, and golf. Its specialty is the strategic building of the players’ brand.

7 Most Famous Sports Marketing Companies to Know About Athletes First - 7 Most Famous Sports Marketing Companies to Know About

Landmark Sports Agency

Guiding and supporting players, with well-defined and established visions, characterize Landmark Sports Agency. From Los Angeles, California, this company plays a positive role in corporate and individual sports marketing. Its fame is due to the ease of negotiating NBA contracts for its players.

Sports Trust Advisors

Sports Trust Advisors are one of the marketing agencies that have stood the test of time thanks to its brand management, in terms of public relations, reputation, negotiation, and other aspects related to sports.

They operate out of their head office in Atlanta, GA, proving for 30 years to be the basis of recruiting players with skills and character.


ACES is acknowledged as one of the best companies to recruit well-known and recognized players. From New York, they have around 50 sports stars on their roster including baseball athletes.

Its specialty is a dedication to the interests of the players and is considered an example for other agencies.

Excel Sports Management

Excel Sports Management is the best place to manage marketing activities with satisfactory results. Jef Schwartz founded it in 2002 representing over 60 NBA players including other sporting events from the beginning.

You should consider this agency if you want to stand out when it comes to baseball, golf, and basketball clubs.

CAA – Creative Artists Agency

CAA is a pioneer in representing creative agencies for sports and other activities. They have contracts worth more than 8,500 million dollars, higher than other sports marketing companies and events, representing popular sports such as hockey, soccer, and basketball.

Priority Sports and Entertainment

Priority Sports and Entertainment is also a very famous agency for representing important figures of American football and basketball. Its presence in the United States is essential because they have also experimented in other sports around the world. They are from Chicago, Illinois, and have more than 110 well-known athletes.

When choosing a marketing agency there is a lot to choose from, not only does experience in the field count, but also honesty and trust. Your reputation as a company should stand out, as these are the greatest attributes when it comes to identifying with professionals in the sports world.